Welcome Back to Church!

Premier Doug Ford announced on June 8th, 2020, that churches in Ontario are able to reopen at 30% capacity.

This allows IGC to host a service with up to 125 people in attendance at the current time. We are using Eventbrite to organize attendance to for this Sunday’s 10:30AM service.

We will continue to upload our sermons to our YouTube channel and web page for those who do not feel comfortable attending service for various reasons.

Attendees will be required to observe all necessary safety precautions, regulations, and restrictions that government and health professionals have set forth.

You must read the link below for instructions required to attend this Sunday’s 10:30AM service, and for details regarding other programs, safety precautions, and other restrictions.

Welcome Back to Church!

Reserve your seat here for the July 12, 10:30 am service.

July 5th,  2020 Online Services

Sunday Message (available at 10:30am)

This message was recorded during service last Sunday.
Now that we are able to resume limited in-person services, our online messages will be a week behind as we work on our live stream setup.

Direct Link

Children’s Ministries

There are no online children’s ministries available today. Updates regarding the online sessions and the reopening of these ministries will be forthcoming.