Welcome Back to Church!

On June 8th, 2020, Premier Doug Ford announced that churches in Ontario were able to open once again at 30% capacity.

This allows IGC to host a service with up to 125 people in attendance at the current time. We will continue to upload our sermons to our YouTube channel and web page for those who do not feel comfortable attending service for various reasons

Online sign-up is required (through the Eventbrite link located below) to attend this Sunday’s 10:30am service. This is the only time slot that is available for this week. You must reserve a seat in order to attend.
***A seat must be reserved for each family member that will be attending. Eventbrite allows you to select the number of seats from a drop down list during the sign-up process.***

Under the revised restrictions, there will currently be no children’s or youth ministries at this time and we will continue to hold these classes online. Families will worship together for the entirety of the church service.

Church will appear and feel differently as we navigate through a new normal during the pandemic. What to expect this Sunday morning:

• The church doors will open at 10:00am.
• Please respect others and social distance when getting in and out of your vehicles.
• Only one set of the main glass doors will be open. Entry will be through the parking lot double doors and exiting will be through the Charles St. doors. Those with limited mobility will exit through the office entry.
• We will try our best to get people into the building as quickly as possible but you may have to wait in a line outside while maintaining social distancing.
• When you enter you are asked not to loiter in the foyer. Ushers will assist you in finding a seat. Please note: you will be asked to sit in specific seats, not your preferred seating, in order to facilitate safety. We have created a one way traffic flow, please respect these guidelines.
• Once in your seats we ask that you remain in your seats.
• When the service is over we will clear the sanctuary row by row and we ask that you wait your turn to exit. Exit doors will be the double doors closest to Charles St.
• The washroom in the foyer will be open. It will be mandatory to sanitize your hands before entering the washroom and to wear a face mask.

Social distancing is required in all areas of IGC. If 2 meters cannot be kept between you and another person (not from the same household) you will be required to wear a face mask.

Face masks are recommended to be worn during the worship portion of the service to discourage the spread of germs.

The congregation is only to access the main sanctuary and foyer washroom. All other areas of the building are closed and have been blocked off.

The debit machine will be available at this time with special instruction. A designated Offering container will also be available to drop off your tithes and offerings.

Please bring a face mask with you as it will be mandatory for circumstances where you cannot keep your 2 meter distance, the use of the washroom, and recommended for singing. Masks will be provided for those who do not have one.

Please reserve your seat through the link below. Reserve a seat for each family member. Eg: If you have a family of four, please select 4 from the drop down menu.

Reserve Your Seat  for August 9, 10:30 am service